Cerddwyr – Felindre Farchog

Cerddwyr Cylch Teifi: 11 Ebrill 2015

Ardal Felindre Farchog

Arweinwyr: Gwyndaf a Heather Tomos

Cwrdd am 10:30 ym Maes Parcio Tafarn y Cyfarchiad (Salutation) (SN100 390) (Cod post SA41 3UY)

Y Daith: taith linynnol hamddenol tua 2 filltir a dwy awr, ar hyd y llwybr ceffyl gwastad sy’n cydredeg ag Afon Nyfer hyd gyrion Nanhyfer ac wedyn i mewn i’r pentref am chwarter milltir ar y ffordd B4582 i ymweld â safle’r hen gastell. Bydd ceir i gludo’r gyrwyr yn ôl i Felindre Farchog ar ddiwedd y daith. Dim sticlau; peth mwd ar y llwybr ceffyl yn enwedig ar ôl glaw.

Pwyntiau o ddiddordeb:  blodau’r gwanwyn wrth y llwybr; olion castell Nanhyfer a’i hanes.

Wedyn: Mae tafarnau ar bob pen o’r daith lle gall y rhai sydd eisiau gymdeithasu.

Croeso cynnes i bawb. Am fwy o fanylion, cysylltwch â Philippa Gibson 01239 654561 philippa.gibson@gmail.com

Cerddwyr Cylch Teifi Walkers: 11 April 2015

Felindre Farchog area

Leaders: Gwyndaf and Heather Tomos

Meet at 10:30 in the car park of the Salutation Inn (SN100 390) (postcode SA41 3UY)

The walk: A linear leisurely walk of about 2 miles and 2 hours, along a level bridle path which runs along the Nyfer River to the outskirts of Nevern and then into the village for quarter of a mile on the B4582 to visit the site of the old castle. There will be cars to carry the drivers back to Felindre Farchog at the end of the walk. No stiles, some mud on the bridle path especially after rain.

Points of interest: spring flowers by the path, the remains of Nevern Castle and its history.

Afterwards: There are pubs at both ends of the walk where those who wish can socialize.

There’ll be a warm welcome to all. Welsh will be the language of the walk, so if you are beginning to learn you may not be able to follow much of what is said but it is an ideal opportunity to use all the Welsh you have learned and you can ask others to give you the gist – but please try to avoid using ‘English-only’ in any conversation. Diolch. For more details, contact Philippa Gibson 01239 654561 philippa.gibson@gmail.com